Vendu Rotterdam has been well known for over 200 years

Auction house Vendu Rotterdam organizes various auctions annually, such as of art and antiques, design, jewellery and watches and our general auctions. We also regularly organize auctions of collectables .

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Definition of an auction

An auction is the procedure of buying and selling of goods through bidding. An item is put up for sale after which potential buyers can start bidding. To be the highest bidder, you must bid higher than the previous offer. The auction comes to an end when closed for bidding and the highest bidder will be able to pay and collect his purchases.

Auctions can be held for many different objets. For example for real estate, cars, jewellery, antiques, fine art, furniture, decorative items and much more.


The auction process

When it comes to an auction, there are several steps to be taken before.

The viewing days

Potential bidders will be informed on the items that are brought up for auction in advance through our website and occasionally through our catalogues. All items will also be displayed during viewing days. The condition of
an item can then be examined and more information can be found such as the opening bid and estimate.

Once bidders have decided which goods they are interested in and wish to bid on they can register.

Start of the auction

All auctions have a scheduled starting time. To indicate the start of an auction, the auctioneer introduces the general terms and conditions. When ready, the auctioneer opens the bidding on the first lot.

The opening price is determined by the auctioneer with the wishes of the seller in mind. The auctioneer is an experienced professional who has consulted valuation experts before. The experts will determine a reasonable opening price according to their expertise.

The bidding

Now we come to the exciting part of the bidding. After registration, potential bidders are assigned with a number. By simply holding up this number during the bidding process, you place a bid on the item of your interest at the then asked price by the auctioneer.

The bidding process is officially over when the auctioneer says “sold!" and then closes the bidding. The item is then awarded to the highest bidder.

If you have any further questions about the auction process, you can always contact one of our experts.


Upcoming auctions

Algemene Veiling 13 en 14 december

Afbeelding van Algemene Veiling 13 en 14 december
 Start:  8 december 2023
 Kijkdag start: 11 december 2023
 Kijkdag einde: 12 december 2023
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